James resizedMy name is James Brown I am the Managing Director and Creative Mastermind behind I Love Cosmetics.
I am a product designer and fragrance marketer by trade and back in 2008 I had an idea; I wanted to create build the greatest smelling bath, body and beauty brand in World and this is my story…

My passion is for amazing fragrances and the emotional connection created when people are surrounded by fragrances that evoke happy memories and positive emotions in a person’s psyche.

Every great brand is inspired by a love or a commitment for someone or something.

My inspiration was a combination of nostalgia, sentiment and pleasure. Drawing my inspiration from my memories of all the things I loved and adored the smell or taste of whilst growing up in the English Countryside.

My ambition was to create a catalogue of amazing fragrances all motivated by happy times with family. Everything from my first memories of holidays on the beach and Vanilla Ice Cream Cones, to my Grandma’s home-made Coconut biscuits, to freshly squeezing Lemonade in the summer with my sister and mother, to my first McDonald’s experience in the 80’s and the delights for a child of Strawberry Milkshake!

My aim was to capture the essence of these memories, flavours and experiences, recreate the scent and bottle them for everyone to enjoy and fall in love with.

Naturally, I called my brand I Love and this is where our story began.

James Brown
Managing Director + Creative Mastermind (cue evil laugh, ahahahah)