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 Yay! It’s finally here! Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with our brand new line up of delectably delicious bath and body treats, exclusive to Superdrug

We’ve been working super hard on something new for Superdrug and it’s finally arrived! Inspired by seven delectable ice-cream flavours, we’ve whipped up Coconut Ice, Minty Choc Chip, Lemon Meringue, Mango Cheesecake, Raspberry Ripple, Strawberry Cream and Chocolate Fudge Cake, all available in Bubble Bath and one other pamper product! Each bubble bath is a foamy and delicious as our range so far, with the new scents adding a wonderful, frangrant twist but for now, put your feet up and discover the new pamper selection to go with each one here:

NEW Coconut Ice Nourishing Body Butter

Nourish and hydrate your skin with I love…’s Coconut Ice Body Butter. The super rich formula contains anti-oxidant rich Coconut Oil and naturally nutritious Shea Butter to keep your skin super soft and beautifully moisturised.

Simply melt onto your skin after your bath or shower to enjoy the heavenly scent of paradise from top to toe!

NEW Lemon Meringue Whipped Sugar Scrub

Treat your skin with the indulgent & beautifully fragranced I love… Lemon Meringue Whipped Sugar Scrub, a super foamy, amazingly creamy, cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser in one!

Grains of sugar and natural exfoliators gently polish away unwanted rough patches with tonnes of bubbly lather to nourish, cleanse and hydrate, leaving your skin deliciously soothed, incredibly smooth and super soft.

NEW Raspberry Ripple Mini Love Heart Soaps

Pamper yourself and feel scrumptious with three Raspberry Ripple scented soaps. These bathroom soap gems come shaped as mini hearts to add a bit of true love to your pampering session. A mix of beautifully nourishing and

naturally exfoliating soap treats, they are perfect as a gift for friends or even a treat for yourself!

NEW Strawberry Cream & Chocolate Fudge Cake SMASHable Soap Bar

Break off from the world and lather up with a little piece of happiness from I love…’s new Smashable Soap Bars! Brand new to the world of cleansing it’s a beautiful soap with a delectable difference; each mouth-watering bar is ready to crack into four luscious soaps.

Made from naturally nourishing, kind to skin ingredients, choose from Strawberry Cream or Chocolate Fudge Cake for delicious cleansing with a beautiful burst of goodness!

NEW Minty Choc Chip Fizzing Bath Bomb

Drop this deliciously refreshing, Minty Choc Chip bath bomb scoop into your tub and indulge. The sumptuous bomb transforms your bath into swirls of foamy bubbles bursting with the sweet scent of Minty Choc Chip ice-cream. Drop into a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its decadent fragrance and essential oils.

NEW Mango Cheesecake Bath Melt

Sweeten up your bath time and melt the day away with I love…’s soothing Mango Cheesecake Bath Melt. Bursting with beautiful colour and naturally nourishing Shea Butter, this delicious melt turns your bath into a gorgeously fragranced haven, leaving your skin velvety soft and supple.

 They're all exclusive to Superdrug so you'll have to head over to take your pick this time :D 





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